Come to beautiful Gower to learn Metal Clay, Silversmithing or Lampworking skills!

Lessons in Metal Clay, Silversmithing or Lampworking  - individual tuition or in pairs


Classes offered

  • Introduction to Metal Clay
  • Metal Clay techniques
  • Introduction to Silversmithing
  • Silversmithing techniques
  • Workshops in techniques or projects


Other classes will be tailored to suit your requirements - come along and 'have a play' with as much or as little tuition as you require, in topics such as:

  • Metal Clay Techniques - e.g. using glass, bezel setting, making rings.
  • Introduction to Silversmithing
  • Silversmithing Techniques e.g. soldering, forming, ring making
  • Introduction to Lampwork bead making
  • Lampworking Techniques - e.g. shaping, encasing, dots and stringers, silver glass.

 Other Services Provided:

  • Kiln firing services - drop in or post in service
  • Open workshop sessions for students to use tools and equipment
  • General local help and advice sessions
  • Help with silversmithing techniques

  Some students' work


 Contact me to discuss your requirements and arrange a session.